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The greatest thing you´ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. Õpi nii, nagu elaksid igavesti. Ela nii, nagu sureksid homme

teisipäev, mai 03, 2005


Heh, todays class was specialy fun...somehow. Even toooo fun. Oeh, I feel so stupid already there, but I don´t have time to study it all the time.... and actually I´m feeling old- it seemes, that it´s impossible to learn anything by heart :P So all my knowledge is in the book and I need to look for a right page all the time :D It´s not fun while playing word-game. At least I made up some new words in Spanish... and also music studys helped here- there are several expressions in music, that are used internationali and at music school we had to learn them by heart.... and lucky me- some of them were in Spanish. :)