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neljapäev, aprill 14, 2005

Alley Cats

It´s all about the music
Not the money or fame
If it comes to the end
Then the all is same
No one can take from you what you love
If it comes from your heart.

Forget about the others
And follow the beat
Music makes you free
And rises the heat
No one can take from me the way I choosed
´cause it comes from my heart.

So our Alley Cats is still on the way..... but things are moving...sometimes faster and sometimes slower.... but we´re working on it..... I just can´t wait to give out MY OWN MUSIC. And I know, I´m not the only one ;) We hope to give you all something AT LEAST by the end of May... but I´ve seen, that GIVE NO PROMISES... the life is just so unpredictable... specialy MY LIFE... and I just love it :)

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