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esmaspäev, oktoober 11, 2004

Innocent Eyes

TÄNANE MUUSIKALEMMIK on Delta Goodrem ja tema lugu Innocent Eyes. Eile kuulsin esimest korda ja niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii meeldib ! Pole küll hip hop ega r´n´b, aga ikkagi on väga hea :D

Do you remember when you where 7?
And the only thing that you wanted to do
Was show your mum that you could play the piano
Ten years have passed
And the one thing that lasts
Is that same old song that we played along and made my mumma cry

I miss those days and I miss those ways
When I got lost in fantasies
In a cartoon land of mysteries
In a place you won't grow old in a place you won't feel cold and I'll sing

Seems I'm lost in my reflection
Find a star for my direction
For the little girl inside who won't just hide
Don't let me see mistakes and lies
Let me keep my faith and innocent eyes
My innocent eyes